Consultations of the Future of our Water

Southern Water are trying to press ahead with plans for effluent recycling via
Havant Thicket reservoir.
Both Portsmouth Water & Southern Water customers will get the treated recycled water
coming out of their taps.

Things to consider:

  • We get plenty of rain-water to store, why do we need to treat &
    recycle sewage effluent for drinking water?
  • Southern Water has a very poor track record on pollution
    incidents. Will you trust them to treat the recycled effluent?
  • The water taken from the reservoir will taste different. If you
    know it contains treated recycled effluent, will you drink the
    water? If not, what are the impacts for you of buying bottled
    water and for the environment?
  • It will require a large amount of infrastructure to be built, plus
    lots of chemicals & energy to operate daily, which customers
    will have to pay for in their bills.
  • It will have a very high environmental & carbon impact during
    construction & operation, the planet will pay the cost.
  • The planned daily discharge of recycled effluent into Havant
    Thicket Reservoir will have adverse impacts on the reservoir
    wetland and biodiversity.
  • The impacts on Langstone Harbour have not been fully
  • You have until 20 February to tell them what you think of this plan.
    Find out more at:

There are three consultations out now with a closing date of 20th Feb

Portsmouth Water consultation link

S. Water consultation link

WRSE consultation link to regional water resources management plan

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