Welcome to Havant Climate Alliance. We hope you’d like to get involved. We’re busy working on the Havant Green Week 18-26 Sept right now as well as trying to get more climate action locally.

We send mailings to our supporters about what’s happening locally and you can sign up on Havant Climate Alliance Action Network

Why not come along to one of our meetings? We meet via Zoom on the first and third Wednesdays plus a public meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. Details in the diary below. Contact havclimate@gmail.com if you’d like the links.

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Latest news from Havant Climate Alliance

Havant’s Climate Strategy

Havant Borough Council has now issued its Climate Strategy – something we have been calling for over nearly 3 years. It’s going before various committees before being discussed at full council on 22nd September. You can read it here Several HCA members have already written to councillors with their comments – why not do theContinue reading “Havant’s Climate Strategy”

Email us: HavClimate@gmail.com