Havant Borough Big Green Week

From Sat 24th September to Sun 2nd October, we’re hoping to see lots of events around the Borough, celebrating action on climate and sending a message to the politicians that we really care about the linked issues of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and tackling waste and pollution. Our Green Week is part ofContinue reading “Havant Borough Big Green Week”

Great ideas for teaching about climate and the environment.

We’re hoping lots of schools will want to get involved with the Havant Borough Big Green Wee 24/9 to 2/10. You can find loads of ideas from the Climate Coalition here. Another excellent source of ideas is Global Dimension which links to loads of different groups including thse focusing on poorer countries (which of courseContinue reading “Great ideas for teaching about climate and the environment.”

Resources on the Climate for Faith Groups

This Autumn we’ll be organising our second Havant Borough Big Green Week Could your place of worship organise a special service? A display? A coffee morning? a display? Videos? A speaker? There are lots of resources including the Climate Emergency Toolkit which guides your church or Christian organisation through simple but powerful actions that haveContinue reading “Resources on the Climate for Faith Groups”

Green Week Art Competition

We’re launching our Big Green Week Children’s Art Competition 2022 sponsored by the mayor of Portsmouth Cllr Diana Patrick. The theme this year is ‘Your Green Footprint’ Create an artwork to show how you can help climate and nature by reducing your carbon footprint and your environmental impact on nature and our world.  Some ideasContinue reading “Green Week Art Competition”

Preparing our harbours for a climate resilient future

Our local harbours are under increasing threat, from sea level rise and other effects of climate change, from pollution, and from mankind. Join us on Zoom on Wednesday 9-Feb at 7pm to hear about preparing them for a climate resilient future​. Our speakers from Coastal Partners are Adam Sennitt, Coastal Engineer and Gavin Holder, CoastalContinue reading “Preparing our harbours for a climate resilient future”

Havant’s Climate Strategy

Havant Borough Council has now issued its Climate Strategy – something we have been calling for over nearly 3 years. It was approved at full council on 22nd September. You can read it here Now Havant have issued a more detailed Action Plan which needs to be discussed by their Oversight and Scrutiny Panel andContinue reading “Havant’s Climate Strategy”

After COP26 What Next?

Well what was achieved at COP26? Join us for an open meeting on Zoom to discuss this on Wed 8th December at 7.00. We’ve invited Shelley Saunders from Havant Green Party, who was in Glasgow during the talks, and James Sebley of Portsmouth Greenpeace, to discuss what happened and what we can do next/ Here’sContinue reading “After COP26 What Next?”


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