Consultations of the Future of our Water

There are three consultations out now with a closing date of 20th Feb Portsmouth Water consultation link S. Water consultation link WRSE consultation link to regional water resources management plan

United for Warmer Homes

Friends of the Earth are calling on us to set up local campaigning hubs, bringing communities together to help support one another with the impacts of soaring energy costs and demand the right to a warm home.  Their new campaign United for Warmer Homes shows that the solutions to the energy crisis already exist. UnitedContinue reading “United for Warmer Homes”

Great ideas for teaching about climate and the environment.

An excellent source of ideas is Global Dimension which links to loads of different groups including thse focusing on poorer countries (which of course are worst hit by the changing climate) and has produced some really good films. The Eco-schools movement is growing and you might like to find out more. They offer a simple,Continue reading “Great ideas for teaching about climate and the environment.”

The Deluge

DELUGE Premiere performance of a new play by Jacquie Penrose at the Bench Theatre. It’s raining. Hard. Very hard, and the Met Office has just raised the warning level to Red. Five mismatched people are sheltering upstairs as they have been advised to do, but they cannot agree about how serious this is. It’s justContinue reading “The Deluge”

Energy Costs and the Climate

Obviously, energy prices are a huge concern at the moment but the government still isn’t looking at the investment we need in renewable energy and insulation We need urgent action and we need to make people see that there are climate-friendly solutions like renewable energy and retrofitting homes – not searching for new fossil fuels.Continue reading “Energy Costs and the Climate”


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