United for Warm Homes

May Meeting On Wed  May 10th at 7 pm we have booked the hall at Havant United Reformed Church in Elm Lane for a meeting about Friends of hte Earth’s major campaign at the moment – United for Warm Homes. More information soon, but do put this in your diaries.

Find out more about the Campaign

One thing we have been asked to do is to collect signatures for a petition to the Government, via MPs

Warm Homes petition

We’re calling for 

  • Urgent support for people dealing with sky-high energy bills.Far more help is needed – through price guarantees, targeted extra payments and fair energy pricing.
  • A new emergency programme to insulate our heat-leaking homes.Upgrading our homes with insulation is the cheapest and easiest way to permanently reduce our bills and cut emissions.  
  • An energy system powered by cheap, green renewables. To end the need for expensive and polluting gas in the long term, we must move to a homegrown, renewable energy system.

So,  if everyone could persuade 10 friends to sign, we’d be making a terrific start.

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