About HCA

Havant Climate Alliance 

Our vision is for a positive future for Havant borough and its community – one that embraces a zero carbon, green economy and an environment that prioritises biodiversity, active travel and community cohesion.

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Havant Climate Alliance was started in 2019 by a group of Havant borough residents concerned about the climate emergency and passionate about seeing lasting positive environmental change. Launched initially to lobby the borough council to declare a climate emergency and deliver an action plan to address the climate emergency the alliance is now a growing network of individuals and organisations taking diverse action to create positive change for the local community.

We welcome everyone who supports action to tackle the climate emergency being taken within Havant Borough. Our approach is based on the principle of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut economics – to meet the needs of people within planetary boundaries while ensuring that no-one is left behind.

Havant Climate Alliance is not party-political, and we are non-discriminatory, embracing all communities and beliefs with everyone welcome to play their part. We are respectful and do not accept hate or intolerant speech.

We will work to effect change politically by lobbying and working with elected representatives. At the same time we want to work alongside and support existing organisations and with local communities to help create a climate-friendly and equitable future in the borough.

Havant Climate Alliance has active support and guidance from Havant Friends of the Earth, a long-standing local environmental group. HCA is also a member of the Hampshire Climate Action Network the Climate Coalition and the South East Climate Alliance.

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