Ideas for Havant Borough Big Green Week

A-Z-of-ideas (from 2023-A-Z-of-ideas.pdf)
AAllotment Tour:  a day or a week, workshops with tips on growing your own fruit and vegetablesArts & Music Festival or community art work
BBike Day: e-bike demoBike rides: around your areaBeach or river clean
CCrafting sessionCarbon footprint calculationCoffee morning! Use Climate Outreach’s guide on how to have climate conversations to help. Clean Air Day, 15th June. Run a Clean Air Day event!
DDiscussion Panel on an eco theme.
EEat plant-based foodElectric bikes, cars & scooters demonstration
FFilm Screening: eg WWF’s Our Planet: Too Big To Fail.Faith event during Great Big Green Week.
GGreen Week promotion.
HHomes & Heating:  Visit low-carbon homes, learn about heat pumps, solar panels & energy saving.
IInvite your MP or councillors to engage on climate and nature issues.Interfaith ServiceIntergenerational conversations on Climate Change with local schools, youth groups or older people.
JJoy: Bring some hope and joy for the future.
KKids: Schools, youth groups and kids clubs with our schools resource pack at  Colouring, letter writing, displays.
LLitter Pick: Cut litter heart shapes to highlight the waste collected, finish up with a drink, cake and chat.Letters To Tomorrow: Share your hopes & fears for the future & submit to your Local MP or a councillor on a green issue.
MMarkets: a great way to get to know the community.Map nature recovery needs and successes on The Wildlife Trusts’ WildBelt map.
NNature Trail Walk: Arrange a walk, or trail with facts, activities or questions.
OOutdoors: Host nature events outside, help local people experience nature. 
PPlastic Free PicnicPlanting: Create a community planting space!
Grow veg and wildlife friendly plants. 
QQuiz: on climate theme, in person or virtually!
RRepair cafe
SSports: Do something sporting, or walk, cycle, run, scooter or skateboard instead of driving.Singing with a local choir or co-host an event to sing songs to celebrate the Earth.
TTheatre:  Local theatre or drama club to host a climate themed production.
UUpcycling Workshop: Upcycle waste from local business. Create a mural.
VVegetables: Plant, pick, eat, share veg! Give demo on planting seasonal veg.
WWalk: barefoot in the grass, sand or in water and reconnect with nature. 
XX marks the spot:  Eco-themed treasure hunt in your local park with prizes.
YYippee! Celebrate all the climate action happening locally!
Zzzzz: Rest, recover and celebrate all the wonderful Green Week things you’ve done in your community.
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