Havant Borough Big Green Week

The week runs from Saturday 10th to Sun 18th June. It’s a celebration of what lcal groups are doing to protect nature and tackle climate change. We think we have a pretty exciting programme and you can see all the events here . You can print the programme; it is designed as an A4 sheet printed on both sides and folded in half. The material on the front and back is here and the middle is here.

The Havant Week is being organised by Haavant Climate Alliance & Havant Friends of hte Earth. We want to get people thinking about what they can do and send a message to the politicians so show that local people really care about the linked issues of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and tackling waste and pollution.

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Our Green Week is part of the country-wide Great Big Green Week organised by the Climate Coalition. They have a great website with resources you can use and lists of events around the country, so we’ll be part of a huge national festival and events will be taking place around Britain. Al the events which are part of our Green Week will be listed there.

The wave of action is truly sweeping the nation, with some brilliant initiatives taking place like the Running Out Of Time relay, starting at Ben Nevis during Great Big Green Week and ending at Big Ben on 11th July.

If you’re passionate about air quality, why not check out everything that’s planned for Clean Air Day on 15th June? Or if fighting plastic pollution is your passion, how about looking into World Refill Day, taking place on 16th June? 

Check out their resources here

Here’s a great list of ideas

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You could still do something for Green Week

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There’s still time to get thigs organised. Could your group plan an a zero waste coffee morning, a talk, a practical demonstration, a walk or a cycle ride? Maybe a working group to clear a site, tree planting or an event involving children? Could you build an environmental theme into something you are doing already – even a lesson or religious service?

We’re really keen to promote our Letters to Tomorrow which is an easy thing to do with a group.

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We’ve put a page together with ideas for schools including some great suggestions from Havant schools. You can see it here

And there are ideas for businesses here

We also have a page with resources for faith groups. Lots of local churches have great ideas for the Green Week but our resources cover all faiths. Let us know if we have missed anything.

Our printed programme is ready but do let us if you are planning anything new at havclimate@gmail.com or you could upload the details on https://greatbiggreenweek.com/log-in/ You’ll need to log in but you can use ours which is username: havclimate@gmailcom, password: havclimate.

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