Green economy

Can we build a better world after this COVID experience? A survey by BritainThinks recently found that only 12% of people want life to be “exactly as it was before” Many are calling for cleaner air, safer roads, energy saving measures, concern for the future.

A greener economy makes sense. A recent survey by Oxford University recently produced economic evidence showing that “green projects create more jobs, deliver higher short-term returns per dollar spend and lead to increased long-term cost savings, by comparison with traditional fiscal stimulus.”

Organisations working for a Green Economy

There are lots of groups calling for a green recovery from the Coronavirus.  Most are linked into Build Back Better and the Climate Coalition so you can find more information on their websites.

Build Back Better is a wide network of groups which is calling for “a new deal that prioritises people, invests in our NHS and creates a robust, shockproof economy that is capable of tackling the climate crisis.”

They have produced a list of demands which you can see here.

You can

  • Join in a virtual rally
  • Ask your MP to stop bank cheque bailouts
  • Join webinars
  • Download social media packs and share videos

See the action ideas here

There’s an impressive list of organisations supporting this but it was initiated by Green New Deal UK

Green New Deal UK

This is a Ten Year Action Plan to tackle climate breakdown in a way that improves people’s lives and builds a fairer, more democratic society and economy

The Climate Coalition

This is another network of organisations working to tackle climate change. They organised the recent mass lobby of Parliament and have got a long list of groups to support a set of demands for the Government. You can see their recovery plan and letter to the PM here.

They are working to get lots of signatures on their Declaration for the Prime Minister and are getting actions prepared in the lead up to the Key Climate talks in 2021 COP 26. Find out more

Climate Outreach is a really useful organisation which has produced reports and organised webinars on communicating climate change. They have worked on the Climate Coalition campaigns and focused attention on influencing the centre right. They are still accessible on their website. Jamie Clarke from Climate Outreach says “People on the centre-right are not sceptical about climate change, but about environmentalists, climate action needs a broad social mandate, to make green jobs real & achievable, rather than a good-news narrative for the liberal elite”

Reboot the Future

Their mission statement is: We want a more compassionate and sustainable world, and we are determined to create a radical shift in mindset founded on a rule, as ancient as humanity itself: The Golden Rule: Treat others and the planet as you would wish to be treated.

They host Global Dimension which is an amazing resource for working on environmental issues with young people

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