Havant’s Climate Strategy

Havant Borough Council has now issued its Climate Strategy – something we have been calling for over nearly 3 years. It was approved at full council on 22nd September. You can read it here Now Havant have issued a more detailed Action Plan which needs to be discussed by their Oversight and Scrutiny Panel andContinue reading “Havant’s Climate Strategy”

Be Part of our Green Wave

Keep informed Sign up for news from Havant Climate Alliance Action Network, Follow us on Facebook  and Twitter @HavClimate Join Havant Friends of the Earth too: http://www.havantfoe.org.uk/ Local pressure Persuade Havant Borough Council to come up with an effective action plan on climate. See our article here. If you have a particular concern like cycleContinue reading “Be Part of our Green Wave”

Great ideas for teaching about climate and COP26

The Great Big Green Week 18-26 Sept is a national festival to celebrate what people around the country are doing to protect nature, tackle waste and take action on climate in the lead up to COP26, the vital talks on climate in November. Lots of groups around the Havant area are already planning events. CouldContinue reading “Great ideas for teaching about climate and COP26”

Organising an event for Havant Green Week

We’re doing really well with events but lots aren’t firmed up yet. Those we know about will be on this website soon and we’d love to add anything you are organising. We plan to get a programme printed in mid August so could you please get details of your events to us by 16th, withContinue reading “Organising an event for Havant Green Week”

Great Big Green Week

From 18-26 September, we’re hoping to see lots of events around the Borough, celebrating action on climate and sending a message to the politicians that we really care about the linked issues of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and tackling waste and pollution. This is especially important as vital climate talks are taking placeContinue reading “Great Big Green Week”

Measure your own carbon footprint

Over the years lots of different carbon footprinting tools have claimed to understand, measure and recommend a way of making changes to our individual lifestyles. Probably one of the best to emerge is Giki Zero which offers more than 120 steps to take to reduce your carbon footprint that suit your lifestyle and budget. WhileContinue reading “Measure your own carbon footprint”

Climate campaigns in 2021

2021 is going to be a vital year for climate action, partly because serious worldwide action is now urgent and because Britain is hosting crucial climate talks in Glasgow in November. This conference will shine a light on the government’s actions both at home and abroad. It’s an opportunity for the UK to step upContinue reading “Climate campaigns in 2021”

Why acting on climate change is REALLY urgent

We can’t stop global heating now but we can prevent the really worst outcomes if we act fast and make really significant cuts to our use of fossil fuels. The UN Environment Programme has just produced an Emissions Gap Report. https://www.unenvironment.org/resources/emissions-gap-report-2019 Emissions did fall 7% in 2020 due to COVID lockdowns, but scientists agree thatContinue reading “Why acting on climate change is REALLY urgent”