Energy Costs and the Climate

Obviously, energy prices are a huge concern at the moment but the government still isn’t looking at the investment we need in renewable energy and insulation We need urgent action and we need to make people see that there are climate-friendly solutions like renewable energy and retrofitting homes – not searching for new fossil fuels.Continue reading “Energy Costs and the Climate”

Great ideas for teaching about climate and the environment.

We’re hoping lots of schools will want to get involved with the Havant Borough Big Green Wee 24/9 to 2/10. You can find loads of ideas from the Climate Coalition here. They have produced a pack for schools which you can download. Another excellent source of ideas is Global Dimension which links to loads ofContinue reading “Great ideas for teaching about climate and the environment.”

Resources on the Climate for Faith Groups

This Autumn we’ll be organising our second Havant Borough Big Green Week Could your place of worship organise a special service? A display? A coffee morning? a display? Videos? A speaker? You can find plenty of ideas and resources here The Green Week is during the Ecumenical Season of Creation and there are loads ofContinue reading “Resources on the Climate for Faith Groups”

Havant Borough Big Green Week 2022 Events

To set the scene: DELUGE Premiere performance of a new play by Jacquie Penrose It’s raining. Hard. Very hard, and the Met Office has just raised the warning level to Red. Five mismatched people are sheltering upstairs as they have been advised to do, but they cannot agree about how serious this is. It’s justContinue reading “Havant Borough Big Green Week 2022 Events”

Hampshire’s Transport Plan Consultation

The Local Transport Plan is a key framework for all that happens in transport across our county for the next 10 years. Hampshire County Council is collecting views of residents on this plan that they’ve prepared. The plan will shape priorities and spending on transport till 2030 and beyond. There’s much in it that isContinue reading “Hampshire’s Transport Plan Consultation”

Havant Borough Big Green Week

From Sat 24th September to Sun 2nd October, we’re hoping to see lots of events around the Borough, celebrating action on climate and sending a message to the politicians that we really care about the linked issues of cutting greenhouse gas emissions, protecting biodiversity and tackling waste and pollution. Our Green Week is part ofContinue reading “Havant Borough Big Green Week”

Local elections 5th May 2022

The elections for Havant and Hampshire councillors are a key moment to get candidates thinking about the climate emergency and the action which needs to be taken. If you are meeting with candidates do grill them on their plans to cut carbon and involve the public. We are sending a pledge card to all theContinue reading “Local elections 5th May 2022”