Havant’s Climate Strategy

Havant Borough Council has now issued its Climate Strategy – something we have been calling for over nearly 3 years. It was approved at full council on 22nd September. You can read it here Now Havant have issued a more detailed Action Plan which needs to be discussed by their Oversight and Scrutiny Panel andContinue reading “Havant’s Climate Strategy”

Be Part of our Green Wave

Keep informed Sign up for news from Havant Climate Alliance Action Network, Follow us on Facebook  and Twitter @HavClimate Join Havant Friends of the Earth too: http://www.havantfoe.org.uk/ Local pressure Persuade Havant Borough Council to come up with an effective action plan on climate. See our article here. If you have a particular concern like cycleContinue reading “Be Part of our Green Wave”

Why acting on climate change is REALLY urgent

We can’t stop global heating now but we can prevent the really worst outcomes if we act fast and make really significant cuts to our use of fossil fuels. The UN Environment Programme has just produced an Emissions Gap Report. https://www.unenvironment.org/resources/emissions-gap-report-2019 Emissions did fall 7% in 2020 due to COVID lockdowns, but scientists agree thatContinue reading “Why acting on climate change is REALLY urgent”

Call for a 2030 carbon target for Hampshire

Tell Hampshire County Council to set a 2030 target for carbon neutrality At Havant Climate Alliance we are calling on Hampshire county council to set a target of carbon neutrality by 2030 following the publication of the council’s climate change strategy last month. The Hampshire strategy has set a target of carbon neutrality by 2050Continue reading “Call for a 2030 carbon target for Hampshire”

Climate and the US / UK trade deal

You probably know about the talks going on with the US right to secure Boris Johnson’s promised trade deal. It’s getting lots of publicity over food standards and threats to the NHS. It’s largely designed to benefit large companies which has openly declared that they want to lower regulatory standards which are ‘barriers to trade’.Continue reading “Climate and the US / UK trade deal”