More cycling and walking needed!

Transport is responsible for a third of our carbon emissions. Making our fleet electric is only a part of the answer – experts say we need to cut traffic on our roads by at least a fifth if we are to meet our climate targets. Cycling and walking more for shorter journeys is key –Continue reading “More cycling and walking needed!”

Trees for Streets

More than 50 locations nominated across Havant borough More than 50 street locations were put forward by Havant residents as places where trees could be planted as part of publicity campaign by Havant Borough Tree Wardens and Havant Climate Alliance. The Trees for Streets initiative was launched following a request from Hampshire County Council asking theContinue reading “Trees for Streets”

Measure your own carbon footprint

Over the years lots of different carbon footprinting tools have claimed to understand, measure and recommend a way of making changes to our individual lifestyles. Probably one of the best to emerge is Giki Zero which offers more than 120 steps to take to reduce your carbon footprint that suit your lifestyle and budget. WhileContinue reading “Measure your own carbon footprint”

Climate campaigns in 2021

2021 is going to be a vital year for climate action, partly because serious worldwide action is now urgent and because Britain is hosting crucial climate talks in Glasgow in November. This conference will shine a light on the government’s actions both at home and abroad. It’s an opportunity for the UK to step upContinue reading “Climate campaigns in 2021”

Why acting on climate change is REALLY urgent

We can’t stop global heating now but we can prevent the really worst outcomes if we act fast and make really significant cuts to our use of fossil fuels. The UN Environment Programme has just produced an Emissions Gap Report. Emissions did fall 7% in 2020 due to COVID lockdowns, but scientists agree thatContinue reading “Why acting on climate change is REALLY urgent”

A green and fair recovery in Havant

In October 2020, Havant Build Back Better, Havant Climate Alliance and Friends of the Earth ran a Facebook and Twitter campaign asking people what sort of changes they’d like to see in Havant, post COVID. Here’s what they said: Business and Green EconomyJobs in renewable energyTraining for new green industriesGreening of homes and businessesTraining youngContinue reading “A green and fair recovery in Havant”

Call for a 2030 carbon target for Hampshire

Tell Hampshire County Council to set a 2030 target for carbon neutrality At Havant Climate Alliance we are calling on Hampshire county council to set a target of carbon neutrality by 2030 following the publication of the council’s climate change strategy last month. The Hampshire strategy has set a target of carbon neutrality by 2050Continue reading “Call for a 2030 carbon target for Hampshire”

Climate and the US / UK trade deal

You probably know about the talks going on with the US right to secure Boris Johnson’s promised trade deal. It’s getting lots of publicity over food standards and threats to the NHS. It’s largely designed to benefit large companies which has openly declared that they want to lower regulatory standards which are ‘barriers to trade’.Continue reading “Climate and the US / UK trade deal”

Free trees for communities and schools

What is one of our most powerful weapons in the challenge of Climate Crisis? Trees, the ultimate carbon capture and storage ʻmachinesʼ. The entire woodland ecosystem plays a part in this, including roots, leaves, deadwood and surrounding soils. You can apply now for free trees from the Woodland Trust and the Tree Council. These willContinue reading “Free trees for communities and schools”