Be Part of our Green Wave

Keep informed

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Local pressure

Persuade Havant Borough Council to come up with an effective action plan on climate. See our article here. If you have a particular concern like cycle routes or flood protection, let them know.

Support other local groups and campaigns.

You can find loads of actions to support here and see the links to all the groups which supported the Green Week on our DIary of Events

Take action nationally

Write to your MP to tell them you care about climate action

See our page about after COP26 which has lots of ideas of camapigns to support

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is show-the-love.jpg      Here are some ideas for pledges you can make at home from the Climate Coalition

You can make a difference, but we need government action too.

These are top ideas for reducing your impact, according to researchers at the University of Leeds last year. Some of them are really difficult without government action so we need to be putting pressure on the politicians to invest in things like renewable energy, retrofitting homes, better public transport and support for walkers and cyclists. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is creds-study.png Make a pledge Cut carbon from your life and tell your friends about it. Research shows that our actions can influence those around is surprisingly effectively. Read more This is a useful article from the Independent

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