Trees for Streets

More than 50 locations nominated across Havant borough

More than 50 street locations were put forward by Havant residents as places where trees could be planted as part of publicity campaign by Havant Borough Tree Wardens and Havant Climate Alliance. The Trees for Streets initiative was launched following a request from Hampshire County Council asking the local tree wardens for potential street tree planting locations in the borough. Local people were encouraged to nominate locations via a form drafted by the two groups.

Tree planting forms part of the council’s climate change strategy but trees on streets also have many direct benefits for residents, providing shade, a habitat for wildlife and generally enhancing the value and appeal of their homes.

The  Hampshire Highways Arboriculture Team is investigating the locations put forward by residents and will feed back on any locations that may not be suitable and the reasons why.

Currently Hampshire County Council has 122 trees programmed for planting in the Havant Borough Council area (on the highway) for the upcoming season and a total approaching 3,000 trees programmed for planting across the county – more than has ever been planted before and far exceeding the 1,300 planted last year. Many of the trees for these nominated sites will be in the 22/23 season although it is possible some of these plantings may be brought forward to the 21/22 season.

This has been a great opportunity to engage local people directly and both Havant Climate Alliance and The Havant Borough Tree Wardens were pleased to help local people share their suggestions for increasing the number of trees in the borough.

Why plant trees on streets?

 Trees help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, creating oxygen for us to breathe, and provide food and shelter for wildlife.  Street trees positively affect mental health, help control excess surface water, clean polluted air and give us welcome shade in summer.  They also look good and can increase property values because streets with trees are more desirable places to live.

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