Green Week Art Competition

We’re launching our Big Green Week Children’s Art Competition 2023, sponsored by the Mayor of Havant

The theme this year is

Making a Difference

Create an artwork to show how you can help protect our planet and the creatures we love

Some ideas of what you might do, but come up with your own as well:

  • You could create a piece of art inspired by your love of nature and wildlife and how to protect it. 
  • You could show how to save water or waste less food
  • Show how to walk and cycle and use public transport to reduce pollution
  • Draw your ideal neighbourhood with no cars and more safe spaces to play
  • Make a piece of art out of recycled material

To create your artwork, you can use paints, pastels, acrylics, pens or pencils.  You could also experiment and create a collage or a piece of pottery, or use textiles and recycled materials.

The Prizes: Not only will entries be displayed in local libraries, the Plaza and in the Meridian Centre during the Big Green Week but there will be a prize for the winner in each category:

  1. Under 8s     b) 8 -13    c) 14-18

Closing date for entries:  Friday 26th May      

Please leave the finished posters at the Plaza for the attention of the Mayor, or contact us to discuss other arrangements.

Each entry needs to have your name, school or college, and age or year group clearly attached.

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