Show the Love

Join the Climate Coalition this February to #ShowTheLove!

Fill Parliament with green hearts and show MPs that they need to prioritise urgent action to tackle the climate, nature and cost of living crises together. 

They’re asking all our members to:

  • Promote the ‘Write to your MP’ e-action to your audiences in February. This is live on the website with promotional copy found in the Comms Pack.
  • Help flood social media with stories about what we love and don’t want to lose to the impacts of climate change next week on Valentine’s Day. All the information on what to share is in the Comms Pack.
  • Share our community resources (the Action Packprintable postcard and poster guidelines) with your networks of local groups. 

The website has all the information you need to get involved, and just get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like more information. 

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