Southern Water Consultation

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Southern Water plan to recycle treated final effluent from Budds Farm Sewage Works, pump it in to the reservoir here in Havant and use it for drinking water.

Both Portsmouth Water & Southern Water customers will get the water coming out of their taps.

  • Are you happy to drink water recycled from the Budds Farm Sewage Works?
  • What will the environmental impact be on the reservoir. Are you worried? They have not looked at this yet!
  • Would you prefer a tunnel below Leigh Park/ Bedhampton rather than a pipeline trench cut along Park Lane & Middle Park Way, with all the disruption that would cause to the local community/ schools?

You have until 16 August to tell them what you think of this plan. Find out more about the plans and the consultation at:

2 thoughts on “Southern Water Consultation

  1. The reservoir will be a very positive recreational and environmental asset to the area as well as providing water security for the future.
    It would be interesting to know what happens to the treated sewage water from Budds Farm at the present time. If it is pumped into Langstone Harbour then, if the treated water is drinkable, then it is wasted, therefore it would be sensible to utilise it in the reservoir. Provided that the water is thoroughly treated and tested regularly then I can see no reason not to use it.
    With regard to a tunnel or digging a trench. Either way there will be much disruption. The final decision on which option will be chosen will boil down to cost and length of time to complete.
    Finally, with the amount of wholly unwelcome, and in my view, unnecessary housing that is already proposed on the green land sites in the vicinity, that the reservoir does not attract more housing developers wishing to exploit the area with massive housing projects, destroying acres of ancient woodland.


  2. We’re seeing now how precious a resource water actually is – far too precious to emotively reject a small proportion of PROPERLY recycled water. That’s kept the International Space Station going for many years, and many other people around the world. Much of the water we drink now is purified from reservoirs that collect bird and animal poo.

    The question we should really be asking is whether it can be done PROPERLY, who will CHECK that it’s done PROPERLY, and what sanctions will we place on Southern Water if they DON’T.


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