Local elections 5th May 2022

The elections for Havant and Hampshire councillors are a key moment to get candidates thinking about the climate emergency and the action which needs to be taken. If you are meeting with candidates do grill them on their plans to cut carbon and involve the public.

We are sending a pledge card to all the candidates and asking them to send us a photo of themselves holding it.

Here are some possible questions for candidates:

1   The climate emergency is much more important than party politics. Are you prepared to work together with the other parties on this, regardless of who wins the election?

2.    How will you make our communities more cyclist and walker friendly? How will you improve rural bus services?

3.    How will your Council help businesses to create green jobs – for instance growing food – and green their businesses (supply chain and operations)? 

4.    How will you ensure all new homes are designed and constructed to net zero emission standards?

5.    How will you encourage installation of solar panels, and a change from gas heating to electric heating (e.g heat pumps), in both homes and business?

6.    How is your council going to persuade national government to put its money where its mouth is – for instance to shift spending from roads to things that will cut emissions, such as greener transport and heating?

7.    As a councillor, what have you been doing, or what will you do, to show leadership on climate change issues?

8.    What will you do if elected to make residents more aware of the climate crisis and ready to take the action needed to cut their emissions

9.. How will you work to prevent sewage from entering our rivers and harbours?

Here a blog by Sally Barnard of the South East Climate Alliance with more background.

And here are some ideas from FOE:

Short on time? Here are 3 quick and easy things you can do to get climate on the agenda for these elections:

  • Write an open letter to election candidates. We can help you create your own – like this one – using Action Network. Get in touch if you want a hand.
  • Get the word out on social media. Update your social media profile with these Facebook or Twitter headers and use these template social media posts, making sure to tag your candidates or local parties.
  • Write a letter to the local press. This is a great way to get media coverage about the work your group is doing and the need to engage local leaders on climate action. This template letter to the editor in English or Welsh will get you started.

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