Fairtrade Fortnight 21.2 to 6.3

Fairtrade Fortnight 21/2 to 6/3

There’s a great virtual festival throughout the Fortnight – Choose the World You Want lots of opportunities to meet producers and find out how climate change is hitting some of the poorest. Do check out the programme. There are lots of fun events too.

And join local Fairtrade groups to discuss the links between Fairtrade and Climate Justice with Sarah Brazier, Camapigns manager from the Fairtrade Foundation. 3rd March 7 pm

Find out all the other things going on around the area for Fairtrade Fortnight.

There are still many farmers and workers growing the food we eat every day who do not earn enough to feed their families, invest in their community or build resilience against health and climate shocks.

Fairtrade Fortnight is the time when the movement comes together.

Farmers, campaigners, supporters, shoppers, civil society, commercial partners and the Fairtrade Foundation work together to shine a light on the problems farmers still face, and how we can all be part of the solution by choosing Fairtrade

This year, our focus is on climate justice.

Climate justice was never going to be won or lost at one conference in Glasgow.

Our climate justice campaign will continue in 2022 to increase the pressure to turn promises into action before and during COP27 in Cairo.

Our key messages

  • The failure to deliver enough progress at COP26 means we can’t wait a year for governments get serious at the next COP summit.
  • Fairtrade Fortnight 2022 is our next major moment to further amplify the voices of Fairtrade producers on the frontline of the climate crisis and the important role of businesses and consumers in supporting them to build greater climate resilience through Fairtrade.
  • COP26 didn’t deliver the change needed to tackle the climate crisis, but it’s not too late – together we can all act to keep 1.5 alive.
  • The climate crisis is the biggest threat to the livelihoods of millions of small-scale farmers and agricultural workers in low-income countries worldwide.
  • Farmers need better incomes and financial support to adapt to changing weather patterns and change their farming methods to ensure a low-carbon economy.
  • Choose Fairtrade and show solidarity with those on the frontline of the climate crisis. Join us this Fairtrade Fortnight and choose to act for climate justice

What you can do

  • Try new Fairtrade products.
  • Share the word about Fairtrade. It’s easy to organise a coffee morning or tea party, a chocolate tasting or a cake competition.  There are plenty of posters you can order, or just talk to people.
  • Join the online Choose the World you Want Festival from 21 February to 6 March. From online panels to bake-offs and coffee mornings, there’ a whole programme of events planned.
  • Find out what’s happening around SE Hants
  • Sign up for our local meeting on Fairtrade and Climate Justice on 3rd March. We’ve invited Sarah Brazier, Campaigns Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation to start our discussion.
  • See the exhibition on Climate & Justice at Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral and join them for a Fairtrade breakfast on 27th Feb
  • There are resources for church groups too.

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