Organising an event for Havant Green Week

  • We’re doing really well with events but lots aren’t firmed up yet. Those we know about will be on this website soon and we’d love to add anything you are organising.
  • We plan to get a programme printed in mid August so could you please get details of your events to us by 16th, with as much information as possible and ideally links to a website or Facebook page where people can find out more.
  • We have already run a poster competition for schools and chosen a winner, so we have posters ready. let us know if you’d like some.
  • We also have lots of artwork which you can use to promote your own events.  You can see the supporter launch pack here, and lots of sharegraphics here.
  • The Climate Coalition has sent templates for posters so if you would like us to create a poster for your event just send us some text in the way you would like it displayed.   The poster templates in the organisers’ pack, if you prefer to design your own, you can find them here
  • If you are interested in a display in the Meridian Centre, let us know and we will send out more information about the arrangements soon.
  • The Climate Coalition which is organising the national Great Big Green Week, is keen to see as many events on its website as possible, partly because they want to show the politicians just how much people care, before the crucial climate talks in November. So it would be great if you could add your events at and link them to the Havant Green Week.
  • Insurance: Havant Climate Alliance and Havant Friends of the Earth have insurance cover for the events we are organising ourselves but obviously we can’t insure everything that local groups are doing as part of the week. Please bear this in mind and also make sure that you have done risk assessments for group activities. Please get in touch if you have queries about this.

Let’s make this a really memorable week together.

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