Climate Action in 2021

2021 is going to be a vital year for climate action, partly because serious worldwide action is now urgent and because Britain is hosting crucial climate talks in Glasgow in November.

This conference will shine a light on the government’s actions both at home and abroad. It’s an opportunity for the UK to step up into a role as climate leaders, but before then we must get our own house in order and play our part in limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees C. 

There are lots of groups involved and they are mainly linked into the Climate Coalition and the Cop26 Coalition. Lots of groups are also part of the Green New Deal UK which has produced plans for a post COVID recovery with Build Back Better

The Climate Coalition has been putting pressure on the government under the slogan The Time is Now and there are lots of plans for 2021 including a huge climate festival and a lobby of MPs but they are stressing that we need to get the message out all year. A comms pack for messaging in January (including a special video) can be downloaded now and another for the annual Show the Love action In February  can be downloaded here

The COP26 Coalition also has lots of plans for 2021. You can sign up for their newsletter on this page. They organised a four day conference in November and you can find most of the talks on their website

 The Green New Deal group is working on Green Jobs at the moment and have produced a new report showing just what jobs could be created and how much it would cost. By March they will have taken this further and produced detailed figures for each constituency and htey are asking us to publicise this as much as possible and to try and meet local MPs.

The Fairtrade Foundation is focusing on the climate crisis for Fairtrade Fortnight in February with a huge virtual festival and we want to use the time to hear about the reality of global heating for many desperately poor communities. Find out more here

There’s a big push to get a Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill through Parliament and this is the main focus for the current XR action. But there are lots of other ways to support it by contacting MPs and raising awareness.

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