Hampshire’s Transport Plan Consultation

The Local Transport Plan is a key framework for all that happens in transport across our county for the next 10 years. Hampshire County Council is collecting views of residents on this plan that they’ve prepared.

The plan will shape priorities and spending on transport till 2030 and beyond. There’s much in it that is good from a climate point of view and we need to support their ambitions while encouraging them to do more, quicker.

So we need as many people as possible to tell them this, so it doesn’t get watered down or lost in amendments.

Do please respond to this consultation and encourage others to do so as well. Hampshire County Council need to see just how many of us care about our planet and the impact we are having on it.

The deadline is June 26th

The Winchester Climate group (WINACC) has done a great job and pulled together some suggestions as to how you might reply (should you wish for some inspiration) on their website

Download suggestions as to how you might reply (word doc)

WinACC’s Rough Guide to the HCC Draft Local Transport Plan 4 (pdf document)

HCC Local Transport Plan 4 web page

Respond to the HCC consultation on the Local Transport Plan 4 web page

Copy all you like from the webpage at https://www.winacc.org.uk/about-us/action-groups/transport/local-transport-plan-4/ to send to everyone you’re in touch with – also incudes suggestions on how to reply to help those too busy to read the whole consultation document

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