Have your say on walking and cycling

Take a few minutes to call for improved walking and cycling facilities in Havant Borough.

Hampshire County Council has released its new ‘Covid Travel Map’ where you can pinpoint concerns and problems that prevent safer cycling and walking, particularly with the need to social distance.

The map is a response to the government’s guidelines to enable more walking and cycling announced in May. You can add a scheme to the map by completing two simple steps. First click on an area you want to comment on. Then complete a quick questionnaire and select the reason why an improvement is needed. These range from “bad driving” and “fast traffic” through to “pavement clutter and “queues”. You then have the option to suggest how this can be improved. The map is principally aimed at addressing the need for social distancing which means measures can be enacted quickly with fewer of the usual traffic regulations. You can ask for the change to be considered as a long term improvement.

Why take this action?

Road transport, particularly private vehicles is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. And outdoor air pollution – which traffic is a main source – is also responsible for over 40,000 early deaths in the UK. During lockdown we have more people cycling and walking as traffic is restricted. But without making it easier and safer to cycle and walk this change may be simply reversed. Add your comments to the Hampshire County Council map.

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