Businesses and Havant Borough Big Green Week

Get involved in Havant Borough Big Green Week
Saturday 24th September to Sunday 2nd October 2022

 Has your company been doing anything to reduce your green footprint or adapt to
climate change?
 Have you made changes to involve outdoor spaces, nature and wellbeing into your
 Have you formed a plan to switch to EVs or examined the footprint and climate
change risks within your supply chain?

« We’d love to help you showcase these actions and encourage more.
Havant Climate Alliance is coordinating this years Havant Borough Big Green
Week, an initiative created nationally by the Climate Coalition to drive awareness and
action to reduce our contribution to climate change and increasingly adapt to its effects.

If you are a large business you are probably already a member of the Climate Coalition,
or you may work with those who are, or perhaps you could begin to?

Last year was our first Big Green Week and it was so well received that we are doing it again, bigger and better.

This year, our theme is Your Green Footprint. We are aiming not only to raise awareness and stimulate actions but also to recognise and showcase those who are already making great local actions to combat challenges from climate change. These are ambassadors for the cause and will be a valuable way to enthuse and encourage others to adopt sustainable
behaviour in their lives and businesses.

How to get involved…
There are many ways you could contribute to Green Week, here are just a few ideas, but please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas.

« Hold an open day on your premises to showcase all you’ve been doing and
planning (we’ll help you advertise it)

« Hold a talk, walk or free training session for local businesses, students or the public who may wish to learn about the actions you’ve been taking such as for your corporate social and environmental responsibilities (we can help find or suggest an alternative venue)

« Host or coordinate a local green business forum to include SMEs (we
can help with that)

« Decorate your windows or walls during the week with Big Green Week
themed displays that can include our green footprint and/or green heart emblems.
This is often done by smaller shops locally during Christmas, Easter and e.g. Jubilee
events and is well received, so there’s no reason why larger companies could not
place an engaging window display or banner during the week – we might even link
them through a green week scavenger hunt which will encourage walking around the
Borough and connect customers with otherwise unknown businesses.

« Provide prizes for the art competition being run across all junior and senior
schools across the Borough; art materials, shop vouchers and experiences are
particularly valuable to the students, but monetary prizes would also be welcomed.

« Engage directly as a business and employees with the various events being
arranged across the Borough and then share what you learn across your business
networks, buyers, supply chains and customers. All events will be on our website.

« Launch a green line of items during that week that are fully sustainable, that
perhaps show their embedded carbon reduction from alternatives, show only use of
recycled materials, that encourage customers to buy sustainably (no green-washing
please) or contribute a % to green causes

« Make a green footprint pledge, whether that is based on bringing nature to
your premises, reducing energy needs for your business, addressing climate change
risks within your supply chain or collecting and using rainwater, there are many
options for your business to make large improvements to reduce emissions,
resource consumption and waste whilst enhancing biodiversity and wellbeing.

« Any ideas of your own that you would like to discuss with us…
Get in touch…
Contact the team at or me, Gillian Branson, on

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