Havant’s Climate Strategy

Havant Borough Council has now issued its Climate Strategy – something we have been calling for over nearly 3 years.

It was approved at full council on 22nd September.

You can read it here

Now Havant have issued a more detailed Action Plan which needs to be discussed by their Oversight and Scrutiny Panel and then by full council.

You can download it from this page.

Several HCA members have already written to councillors with their comments – why not do the same?

You can find councillors’ emails here

We are particularly keen to see

  • Clear, measurable targets covering all types of emissions, including shipping and aviation
  • Ambitious targets for the next few years rather than working towards net zero by 2050 as is proposed
  • A comprehensive plan for engaging residents, businesses, community groups and schools
  • Clear commitments on areas like active travel, protecting biodiversity, flood defences
  • Guarantees that all HBC decisions, including procurement and investment are measured against climate criteria

Havant Climate Alliance has produced a paper with suggestions for inclusion in a climate policy and you can read it here.

You can find out how well Havant is doing compared with other areas on Friends of the Earth’s Near Me Tool

The South East Climate Alliance has done a survey of different councils and a very useful page on resources for local authorities

Jane Devlin, Climate Change Officer for HBC says that Havant emissions per capita are 3.4 tonnes of CO2 p.a. Source ONS

This document from the Tyndall Centre shows that for Havant to make its fair contribution to delivering the Paris Agreement’s commitment to staying “well below 2°C and pursuing 1.5°C” global temperature rise, then an immediate and rapid programme of decarbonisation is needed. At 2017 CO2 emission levels, Havant will exceed the recommended budget available within 7 years from 2020. 

To stay within the recommended carbon budget Havant will, from 2020 onwards, need to achieve average mitigation rates of CO2 from energy of around -13.2% per year. This will require that Havant rapidly transitions away from unabated fossil fuel use.

Havant BC has signed up to support the ADEPT programme

FOE Action Plan for Councils

Some other useful links:

Ashden – engaging citizens in climate action
Tools for councils
Can local authorities exceed building regulations?
Councillor list
Local Government Association – pathway to Net Zero

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