There are really vital UN climate talks in Glasgow in November, known as COP26.

They are vital because without rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, we are heading for a catastrophic rise in temperatures and we have already seen some of the consequences with floods, droughts, storms and fires. We have to act fast.

The aim is to keep global temperatures rises below 1.5ﹾ and to build on the 2015 Paris Agreement with more ambitious commitments and measures to reduce carbon emissions and stop further climate change – so that all our children and future generations can enjoy a future in a sustainable world.

This is a big moment – we can still keep climate change in check – just – IF we act now. If we wait any longer it may be too late.

So far, promises from countries around the world do not add up to the cuts required and so pressure on politicians is urgent.

Havant Climate Alliance is part of the Climate Coalition and they have come up with a list of demands which you can see here.  Most well-known organisations like Oxfam, Christian Aid, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are part of this coalition so keep in touch with those you support

Please sign their declaration.

We are also linking with the COP26Portsmouth coalition to organise big demonstrations in November as part of the international call for climate justice. You can find all the details here.

Please let people know about this and make sure you come along

The Portsmouth group is part of the national COP26 coalition and you can find loads of useful information on their website.

A pack of resources for schools by the Fairtrade Foundation, WWF, the Climate Coalition, Oxfam, Global Action Plan, Christian Aid, Soil Association, Ashden, Young Climate Warriors, ZSL, Let’s Go Zero and InterClimate Network. See the WWF site

Key dates

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